the complete rikuwhore series (playerpin) wrote,
the complete rikuwhore series

+ fifty-four.

Geezus christ.

Are all therapists this cheesy?

Lady, I'm an actress, and I can see straight through you. The way you're trying to be friendly and trustworthy, telling me that this is "my safe place" is something straight out of an after-school special. No kid is gonna believe that, unless they're desperate.

I. Am not desperate.

Also: compliments are very hard for me to accept. Telling me that I'm a "strong young lady for all you've gone through" is sort of... weird. And by sort of, I mean very.

In the meantime: THE CREEP. IN THE ROOM. WITH THE HAIR. I did not know I would love Nikola Tesla this much, wtf.
Tags: sanctuary: nikola tesla, therapists suck
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